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iSeePassword tool: Reset Forgotten Password on Windows 10/8/7 Without lost of data’s

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For so long time many people have been encountering problems with their system/Laptop forgot Issue, issue of forgotten has been a natural phinominum in human being, many people do forget password due to many reasons or the other’s, in this post am going to discuss on how to reset your Windows password with lossing your files photos,music etc.

Now, re-installing Windows operating system has been old way to remove the password from your computer but it does have a huge demerit – it will totally wipe out your hard disk and your computer will be totally empty like a newly bought system which means all your pictures, videos, music collection, software, documents and other precious data are gone just like that.

Reason Why should I Recovery my Password with Windows Recovery Pro?

  1. It can reset/remove/bypass all Windows passwords which includes Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows server and all other older versions.
  2. It works on all administrator accounts.
  3. It can change the priorities of your user profile accounts like changing root domain account to standard account.
  4. It  can add and remove user profiles from your computer directly using the tool.
  5. It gives 100% safe and secure way to reset your computer password without losing any data.
  6. Works with on all brands of computer systems and laptop such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  7. Eligible with all types of hard disks like SATA, IDE, external hard disks and so on.
  8. 100% password recovery guaranteed or you can have your money back.

How to reset Windows 10/8/7 password with iSeePassword

This programs are  developed very sophisticatedly so that every level of users can use it. Still, we will take everything on the account and will explain how to use this program to bypass Windows login screen password.

Step 1. You will definitely need a different set of laptop or computer to download this program since your computer is currently locked out. Just grab or lend any computer from your siblings or friends for only few minutes and install this program on their computer.

Step 2. Launch iSeePassword tool on the distinct computer and insert an ordinary USB stick to the computer.

Tip: You can even use a CD/DVD. This program supports making bootable disk in both ways.

Step 3. Now, burn the required ISO image file to your USB stick by clicking on “Burn USB” from the main interface of this program. Similarly, if you are using CD/DVD then click on “Burn CD/DVD”.

Tip: This part will burn the files from the program to your device to make a password reset bootable disk. So unless, the operation is 100% completed, make sure not to remove it from the system.

iSeePassword tool: Reset Forgotten Password on Windows 10/8/7 Without lost of data's

Step 4. Now, use this bootable disk on your locked computer and reboot it. The computer should automatically launch the program on the startup window but if it doesn’t then simply change the boot priority to the password reset disk and it should work fine.

Step 5. On the main program interface, select the OS version that you are using like Windows 7 then select the username from the middle column and click on “Reset Password”.

iSeePassword tool: Reset Forgotten Password on Windows 10/8/7 Without lost of data's

Finished! Now, restart the computer and enjoy because it will not ask you to enter the password 


iSeePassword actually nullify the password to nothing and that’s why the login screen is completely removed from the system. But, it is recommended that you setup a new password again for your computer so that no one can access it except yourself. Next time, try to create password reset disk as a backup plan or if you face this issue then you can use iSeePassword to bypass your computer password again.

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