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NIMC National ID Card Collection is ongoing: Check Urs Here

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NIMC National ID Card: Check Ur’s Here!

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NIMC ID Card collection is currently on for collection, check yours whether it’s ready. The announcement was made by the National Identification Management Commision:

Here is how to check ur’ NIMC Card Status:

  • Click on this LINK shown below

NIMC Card Status LINK

  • Click on the button “proceed”
  • Enter your First Name in the Field provided
  • Enter your Last Name in the Field provided
  • Enter your last 6 digits of your NIN document printed during the registration process.
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    NB: The new National ID card explained by the NIMC Director, can serve as a cash card used in making payments; also for withdrawals on ATM’s. The card will be imposed to become a necessity as a pass in travelling out of Nigeria, particularly, West African Sub-Region.

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