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Bad News GLO Decreases Their Mobile Data Plans  3G and 4G LTE 

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Bad News GLO Decreases Their Mobile Data Plans  3G and 4G LTE 

Glo the Nigerian Owned CEO have just reduce the data tariff plans, for the past last year, glo has been the Nigerian network that offer a very good and affordable Data tariff among the other network, but now have decided to reduce the data tariff, both the 3G data bundle and the 4G LTE data bundle. But the prices still remains the same.

For now we don’t know the reason why the sudden decrease of data tariff, but because of the cheap data tariff Glo have rendered to Nigerians, many Nigerians have switch to Glo for data SIM, despite the network is slow.

Even at that, Recently Etisalat reduced their weekly data bundle from 200MB to 150MB for N200 and now Glo NG have decided to show us their other side of them. Be that as it may, let’s have a look at Glo’s new data plans, prices and comparison with the old data plans see the statistical different of the new Glo data tariff .

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Former Glo data Plans

  • N500 = 1.6GB 7days
  • N1000 = 3.2GB 30days
  • N2000 = 7.5GB 30 days
  • N2500 = 10GB 30days
  • N3000 = 12GB 30days

Current Data Plans

  • N500 = 800MB
  • N1000 = 1.6GB
  • N2000 = 3.7GB
  • N2500 = 5GB
  • N3000 = 6GB

This is really a sad news to Glo customers in Nigeria, if you asked me. Does it mean that GLO purposely increased the data plans earlier on to get new customers to them or what? If you check the old and new data plans very closely, you will noticed that GLO drastically slashed the data into two which is really a sad one. Anyway, let’s hear what you have to say about this change from Glo.

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