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Whatsapp Text And Share Stories Cancel Features Added

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Whatsapp Text And Share Stories Cancel Features Added

Whatsapp recently add a feature of live location while chatting, which enable real-time location, even i group chat, it is currently available on Iphone and android store, Whatsapp has now set to release a feature of text and share stories cancel, which is not officially drop or uploaded in Google play store or Itunes ,

Whatsapp seem to he releasing new updates of feature that are not available before, as we all know Whatsapp is the one of the most popular massenger application that allow you to chat with people from different countries and with over billions members.

Whatsapp Text and Share Stories cancel feature, feature allow you to cancel unread message that was not sent, i think whatsapp have done a great feature of that , because most user will mistakenly send a massage to wrong person which is irreversible , but know thank to whatsapp for this feature.

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WhatsApp is also testing a new feature similar to Snapchat’s Stories. You could add a photo with a caption or a doodle and it will disappear in 24 hours.

I just can’t wait for all these exciting features to hit the official Whatsapp Messenger on the Google Play-store and the iTunes store too

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