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Instagram Photo Album Feature Review News

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 Instagram Photo Album Feature Review News.


Instagram is one of the most popular Social media Application which allow upload of photos  and video, and also following and un follow of user just as the Twitter social media site , but the different between then is that instagram is that u Can upload small minute video,


 Instagram Photo Album Feature Review News
Instagram Photo Album feature is a feature which a enable a use create album of his pictures, Just the way Facebook own is, Which show the accurate number of upload listed, and it also allow multiple mark/pick of upload photos, according to the way their are mark,  and also allow user can mark up to 10 photos and upload them at a time,  That is the one of the best feature instagram is lacking all this while, But finally as set to launch the  feature.

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Instagram Photo Album Feature will less the rate of uploading single photos , Which will make user not to be repeating the same Hash Tag on like 3 to 4 photo At different, and also enable viewers and followers to see your photo album and their date, Which will appear as grid not list horizontally, and enable them to comment on a single album.

Instagram Photo Album Feature is not yet release but will soon be release, According to Marshable the instagram photo album feature is still in testing mode, Which will soon roll up on Android, Iphone, Ipads and Microsoft Phones.

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